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Honest and Quality Auto Hail Repair

If you’re in Denver CO, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Arvada and surrounding areas that were recently affected by the hail storms, Nationwide Hail Repair should be your first choice for getting that hail damage on your vehicle fixed!

We have over 20 years of experience specializing in auto hail repair only and we’ve repaired over 300 vehicles so far this year alone! If you were hit by the recent hail storms, we’re here to help you get your vehicle fixed and restored. We’ll deal with your insurance to make sure you get every single extra dollar from them and take care of the process while keeping you informed every step of the way. Call or text (915) 867-9026 or fill out the form below today for a free estimate!

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    Had a great experience with Nationwide Auto Hail Repair. I happened to see them set up at a tent location in San Antonio and noticed the $0 deductible sign. I pulled in and Luke assisted me with my questions and concerns every step of the way and he even drove me too three different enterprise locations because it was a Saturday and they close at 12. He waited for me to ensure I was able to get my rental. He informed me that it may take a few days maybe more but this was less time quoted to me vs any of the other repair shops. He keep me updated with the progress of my vehicle and was up front about everything. My lightbulb was out in my left tail light and just because he wasn't sure if it was due to them or if it been there prior, he took it upon himself to replace it right then and there on the spot. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Luke!!!


  • How do you repair dents?

    We use a process called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) that involves pushing up dents from underneath and behind the panels. This ensures that we don’t affect the original factory paint job, unlike typical body shops that use bondo, sanding, and re-painting which usually means mismatching paint! Insurance companies actually prefer Paintless Dent Repair because it’s quicker, cheaper and keeps the original paint!

  • How much do I have to pay?

    Our goal is to ensure you don’t have to pay ANYTHING! We waive your deductible and work with the insurance on your behalf to make sure they give you ALL the money you need to get your vehicle properly repaired. They more than likely gave you less than what you need.

  • How long does it take?

    Once we start on your vehicle, it usually takes 2-3 days depending on the severity and amount of dents your vehicle has, but this is still much quicker than a body shop. One other factor that may delay the process is having to wait for your insurance to approve any additional repairs we might request.

  • Isn’t a dealership or body shop better?

    No! This is one of the big myths out there. Dealerships and body shops may have big names and big shops, but when it comes to hail repair, they end up contracting the same hail repair technicians we use! Dealers and body shops specialize more in collision damage and just replacing parts as opposed to Paintless Dent Repair which is what we do full time. Why go through them when they just hire us to do the work anyways? Deal directly with us and save money!

  • Will my insurance rates go up?

    Absolutely NOT! Hail damage is a comprehensive claim, as opposed to a collision claim. Collision claims are what cause your rates to go up. Hail damage is an act of God and there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent it.

  • Can I just cash and keep my insurance check?

    You certainly can, but here are a few important things to consider if you choose not to use the money to get your vehicle fixed:

    1. The value of your car will go down by $6,o00 or whatever amount of damage your vehicle has. When you try to sell or trade it in, you will most likely get even more deducted from the value. This is especially bad if you’re still paying for the vehicle.
    2. If you make a claim on that same vehicle in the future, your insurance will deduct the amount from the hail claim that you never got fixed and subtract that from the new claim.
    3. If your check is made out to you and your bank or lien holder (the company your car is financed by), you will most likely need to provide proof that you got your car fixed before they will cash your check.
    4. If you go through us, 98% of the time we end up getting more money from the insurance that way we can repair your vehicle fully, and have money left over. This is by far the best choice!!
  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty on our work. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience doing nothing but hail and dent repair so we know that we offer quality work. In the case that any of our work needs to be re-addressed we’ll take care of it and no cost to you.

  • Do I have to use the repair shop my insurance recommended?

    No, by law, it is completely YOUR CHOICE on who you decide to get your vehicle repaired with. Insurance companies have gotten very good at trying to steer you to their “preferred vendors” so that they benefit from it.

  • Will my car be secure on your property?

    Of course! We always choose a secure location and we make sure vehicles on our property are undriveable during the time we work on them. We also have full business insurance so we’ve covered all the bases!

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